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project management and document collaboration



QDMS, a Document Management and Transmittal System to electronically maintain a document register

QDMS provides hundreds of thousands of users with a simple, effective method of managing project documents & drawings, QDMS is Australia's most popular solution for Engineering & Construction projects.

Project documents are maintained in a central Master Document Register of documents or drawings that displays only the latest Revision of each document. When updated, it seamlessly records historical revisions in the background, in an auditable history file.

This ensures that Transmittals can be generated with the latest revisions of drawings with just a few clicks.

Once transmitted, QDMS also remembers who was sent what drawings. When drawings are subsequently revised, QDMS is


Document Control 
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then able to work out who has superseded drawings and is able to generate transmittals to help update them with the latest revisions.

QDMS maintains a record of all document revisions received, plus all outgoing transmittals and their acknowledgements. This can be a huge benefit in case of a claim that the latest revisions were not sent on time.

While users of QDMS avail themselves to the above benefits, they also report that it standardizes the way they handle documents on all projects. Powerful search facilities, extended reporting and exporting of data make QDMS a must for any engineering/construction project that uses a LAN based server for information management.