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QMS: Project materials system designed to handle piping, instrumentation and tagged items

material managementQMS is a system designed specifically for the management of large quantities of bulk materials such as pipe and fittings, insulation, electrical and instrumentation, and/or structural steel on major resource projects.

Developed in the mid 1990s and fine tuned with customer feedback from it’s use on key Oil and Gas and Power Station projects in S.E. Asia, QMS is proven to deliver a massive return on investment by improving the productivity of materials controllers and reducing the risk of material shortages that are commonly caused by a changing design and late deliveries.

The focus of QMS is primarily on the procurement and construction end of the project materials process. QMS starts by importing the Material Requirements (BOM or MTO) from the design system (PDMS, PMS, etc) and then manages the process of:

  • Tracking changes to the requirements as the design progresses.
  • Generation of inquiries and purchase orders for materials.
  • Expediting and recording material deliveries.
  • Control of material deliveries.
  • Control of material issues and movements.
  • Inventory/Stock control management.
  • Management of material traceability.
  • Progress monitoring.

If you are interested in ensuring the materials you need on site are available as required and that a complete audit trail is maintained at each phase of the materials management process.