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QDMS, a system that stores the latest revision of each document

Drawing Control software systems like QDMS helps avoid confusion, delays and increased costs caused by superseded drawings being used.

Key requirements of Drawing Control Software include:

  • Find the Latest Drawing Quickly (a very important element of drawing control)
  • Maintain a Drawing Register easily sorted by Discipline, Area … etc
  • Formally Transmit Drawings to the Client, Consultants and Contractors using the drawing control system
  • Have Drawings changed since they were transmitted?

QDMS has been used for drawing control by thousands of Companies all over the world to provide drawing control through a user-friendly and easy to install software application.
Over the last 14 years QDMS Solutions continuously improved the Drawing Control features provided by QDMS with the aid of suggestions and feedback from customers.

With a complete audit trail, there is now no doubt regarding ‘who has got what'.
When drawings are revised, the ability to find out who needs to be sent these revisions is one of the most popular features amongst document / drawing controllers who take drawing control seriously.

The ability to export and import data to and from Microsoft Excel and other file formats simplifies the data entry aspect of drawing control. Furthermore QDMS is now able to read drawing attributes like the Drawing Number, Title, Revision Number … etc directly from a complete folder of drawings into your drawing register within minutes.

With over 200 File Formats (eg DWG, DGN, PDF, TIF, PLT, DOC, XLS … etc) a drawing control system let's you view and red-line drawings without the need for the application they were created in.

An important part of Drawing Control is the ability to provide progress and expediting report. QDMS provides over 50 such management reports and more can be provided to meet your specific needs as a drawing controller.

Practical steps to Drawing Control
  • Incoming and internal Drawings need to be processed
  • A drawing register of the latest drawings must be maintained
  • Distribution of drawings in the drawing control system must take place via transmittals to staff and other parties who need them
  • An audit trail of the drawings in the drawing control system must be maintained to ensure that there is tracking of who got what, when and why
  • The managing of revised documents and their distribution and archiving superseded drawings as part of the drawing control process

Benefits of using a Drawing Control system

  • Increased productivity for users of the drawing control system compared to the usage of a spreadsheet
  • Increase in productivity compared with manually typed documents when using the drawing control system
  • Reduced risk by auto maintenance of an audit trail of all incoming and outgoing drawings
  • Reduce re-work arising from working to out of date information (this can be eliminated by the use of a drawing control system)
  • Shorter review cycles through effective drawing control
  • Minimized drawing delays due to slow reviews and approvals

Requirements of a Drawing Control system

  • A master drawing register must be maintained and should hold the latest revision of all project documents and drawings
  • Generate transmittals and submittals and maintain an audit trail for drawing control purposes
  • Drawing control should focus on managing revisions to drawings with a drawing history being automatically maintained
  • Latest revisions of a drawing must be sent those those who have not received them
  • A Drawing Control system must maintain a review process both internal and external parties
  • Alerts must be expedited to ensure a response to documents and drawing issues

Our Products for Drawing Control Include

QDMS - for drawing control & revision management