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QDMS: Reduce errors with Drawing Submittals

A drawing submittal is the process by which drawings or samples are submitted for review on a project.. A drawing submittal may be used internally, or with external clients, consultants and sub-contractors.
There are two key components in the QDMS drawing submittal system for engineering and construction companies.
Drawing List - A drawing list enables the sender to select the drawings that are to be included in the drawing submittal.
Mailing List - A mailing list names all the recipients who are to receive the drawing submittal.
The simple yet effective method of creating a drawing submittal is based on selecting items from the drawing list and mailing list, to be presented in the drawing submittal form.
A QDMS Drawing Submittal system, tracks drawings and their recipients and includes a range of features designed to assist users with the submittal process. It reduces errors of working with superseded drawings and saves on time and cost with optimal controls in place to manage the flow of documents out of the office and to the recipients.
QDMS allows the sender to include a message, specifying the reason for sending the submittal.
QDMS also records all submittals and their recipients. When a drawing in a submittal has been revised, QDMS automatically notifies the user that a drawing submittal must be distributed to the list of previous recipients with the revised drawing.

The fundamentals of QDMS drawing submittal system include:
  • Maintenance of a complete record of drawing revisions
  • Identifies originator/authors of drawings
  • Categorises other attributes (example discipline) of a drawing list for easier retrieval
  • Creates drawing submittals containing the drawings required and a report of all related files
  • Can post the drawing submittal set as email attachments.

There are several drawing submittal software packages available, each with their individual added features. Project and control requirements should be assessed prior to selecting the most suitable drawing submittal system for your work environment.