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project management and document collaboration



QDMS: Generates an audit trail for all revisions to documents and document issues

A drawing transmittal is the controlled distribution of formal documents to engineers, sub-contractors, vendors, fabricators, government bodies and other parties in the form of a cover page identifying the information that is included in the contractual documents being delivered.

Changes to drawings often signify important changes to the contract and if these changes are not communicated quickly additional costs of millions of dollars could be incurred.

In addition to the sender and receiver. a drawing transmittal also contains a descriptive list of what is being transmitted, along with document reference numbers. Specific details or instructions for the receiver can also be included as well as a date by which a response is required. An acknowledgment request should always be included in a drawing transmittal to ensure there is no doubt that the document is received.

Some drawing control systems like QDMS also create a PDF version of the drawing transmittal can be created for sending by email usage. This includes all the documents that are attached to the drawing transmittal.

An advantage of QDMS is the semi-automated notification the sender receives when a drawing is updated. QDMS users are prompted to then distribute the latest revision to all previous recipients. QDMS also maintains a record of all drawing transmittals and when each drawing was revised.

The straightforward process allows both the sender and the receiver to be kept up to date and constantly informed of the latest drawing updates on a project.

The QDMS Drawing Transmittal is an effective method that can limit mistakes that are normally associated with physical document transmittals that can result in extra costs and extensions of prioject time.. The instantaneous delivery of a QDMS drawing transmittals by email is a great advantage which can be beneficial for projects that contain many revised drawings.

Benefits of using a drawing transmittal include:

  • Recipient document register is automatically created via the drawing transmittal history
  • Automated history of all sent and received transmittals
  • Recorded history of who received revisions
  • Reduced time to create and deliver the drawing transmittals
  • Both short and long term benefits