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project management and document collaboration



QDMS, designed for quick access of information you need

One of the reasons that make QDMS so beneficial, is the workflow or business process that the system is based on.

This begins with a master document register, through which all documents (both new and revised) must be processed. The Master Document Register at any instant stores only the latest revision of all documents.

This is followed by adding the address book, which are simply names and addresses, of people and companies on the project. We term these as Recipients.

Documents are issued for the first time by selecting them from the master document register (thus ensuring you can only issue the current revision) and generating one or more transmittals to one or more recipients.

Transmittal data is saved in an auditable history and at the same time, a Recipient document Register is maintained. The Recipient Document Register stores the latest revision of each document sent to each recipient.

Most instances recipient document register is recognized as a distribution matrix . The advantage in QDMS is that there is no requirement to set up a distribution matrix. The system builds this for you as you generate transmittals.

As documents are revised, QDMS compares the latest revision in the Master Document register with the latest revision each recipient has been issued via the Recipient and, if required, creates Pending Transmittals to bring each recipient up to date.

So simple - yet this process is unique to QDMS.