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project management and document collaboration



QDMS: Viewing and Redlining options for the entire project team

QDMS is designed as primarily a tracking system, to manage the distribution of controlled documents in a project environment. CAD files, or any other electronic files, can be attached to the document entries in QDMS, and this enables them to be viewed from within QDMS, using the Integrated Viewer QVIEW.

QVIEW views more than 150 of the most popular file formats, including both Autocad and Microstation files. QVIEW even supports file format conversions.

Redlining is a key part of the QVIEW technology. Any QDMS user can red line a document with a layer being created, that only they can edit or change. Users can view the redlining of other team members using the common layer view. This means the red lining process is controlled, and becomes an ideal tool for collaborative reviews of documents, or drawings.

Some of the features supported by QVIEW include:

  • Print what you see on the screen with the QVIEW print option after first zooming in for a blow up of a particular detail.
  • Red line layers are stored on a per user basis.
  • Red line layers can only be changed / edited by the original user.