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Document Control Software

Document Control Software is used to securely publish, store and deliver the latest documents. The Document Control software should also be capable of managing the status and revision of the documents. This means that the Document Control Software needs to keep track of whether the document needs to be approved or responded to. When delays in management of the status of documents are minimized by the use of Document Control software like   QDMS,  late submissions or responses can be easily identified and expedited . A central repository of Documents needs to be managed by the Document Control System Software and made accessible to all project staff requiring these documents. Since many documents are often revised, the Document Control Software also needs to have a mechanism of identifying the latest revision of each document and warning the user against the use of superseded documents. Superseded Documents should be automatically archived and accessible for reference purposes.

QDMS  has been in used by many Companies since it was introduced in 1995, to manage this process.

Document Control Software is a solution that enables organizations to securely publish, store and deliver documents online or through other forms of electronic document communication. Hundreds of organizations depend on the QDMS Document Control System, each day to improve efficiency and reduce the latency of communications, internally and to external business partners and customers. Document Control System Software captures, organizes, and stores documents in a centralized repository, extracts meaningful information, and automates the delivery of personalized content to individuals.

Electronic document control is utilized to organize, distribute, standardize and control the process of how documents are managed in a business environment. Features of QDMS are specifically designed to help you achieve all your document control needs. With a document control system in place it will allow you to manage a document life cycle from start to end. Existing document workflow could also be integrated with QDMS to ensure no major change in the existing workflow process.

There are several benefits from implementing a document control software solution. Some common benefits that may be achieved by using document control system are:

  • Track versions that are stored in the document control system.
  • Controls who checks out and checks in a document.
  • Provides a form of labelling to make it easy to reference documents.
  • QDMS maximises search capabilities for documents.
  • Provides a form of a standard scheme for documents across the company
  • Aid in reducing your total cost of ownership.
  • Provide a central location for documents.

These are just several benefits that you may achieve from implementing document control system software in your environment. Since there are several document control software packages available, it is always a good idea to make sure you've determine your document control requirements before you choose your document control system.