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Document Controller

The primary role of a document controller is to manage all drawings on a project within a master drawing register and to ensure that any new revisions of drawings are transmitted to the relevant recipients as soon as they are submitted.

QDMS is a recommended tool for a document controller to maintain an electronic register of all drawings, as well as recording all revisions and transmittals distributed to architects, builders, sub-contractors and contractors.

QDMS or TeamBinder document control software improves the process of managing all controlled documents.

A document controllers tasks include:

  • Registering of internal and external documents.
  • Maintain document control registers / documents for incoming and outgoing project documents.
  • Ensure that the latest revision and approval status of drawings is kept updated continuously.
  • Maintain stick files in an orderly manner.
  • Production of status reports for weekly / monthly meetings
  • Ensure all hard and electronic copy distribution of controlled documents to focal point.
  • Maintain documents for transmittal process for project documents.
  • Expedite and maintain acknowledgements to transmittals
  • Expedite responses to transmittals sent for review/comment.
  • Respond to queries regarding revision status of issued drawings / documents from engineering / drafting personnel.
  • Follow procedures and update document control procedures when necessary
  • Manage the electronic and hard copy filing of project related technical documentation.
  • Scanning, creation of CD’s and file manipulation.
  • Assure document quality to include completeness, accuracy and compliance with established procedures and updates.
  • Filing and archiving of documentation to facilitate easy retrieval at a later date.
  • Auditing
  • Sending of Drawing Transmittals and Submittals.
  • Ensuring that drawing transmittals are acknowledged in case there is a dispute on whether the drawings were transmitted.
  • Manage the document/drawing review process, Internal and External.
  • Archiving data for historical purposes.

Efficient document control is a fundamental aspect in ISO Certification for Quality Assurance purposes.

The QDMS Drawing Control Software System is a simple and effective solution to manage the vast amount of drawings associated with a project.