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Drawing Control Software

Drawing Control Software is designed to assist engineers and the construction industry manage large quantities of drawings associated with various projects.

Drawings are often revised and modified several times, so it is important to ensure that while working on a project, all team members including consultants and sub-contractors are kept up to date with access to the latest version of each drawing.

On large projects, this can often become quite unwieldy and difficult to manage, especially when there are delays in distribution of the latest drawings and construction continues with superseded drawings causing blow-outs of time and costs.

QDMS Drawing Control Software is a powerful solution designed specifically for this purpose.

The QDMS Drawing Control Software solution has been successfully utilised by project management teams globally, reducing time and cost. Designed to manage large volumes of drawings and to provide any organisation with a streamlined and effective system for storing and distributing drawings across the project team, a drawing control software solution is far more effective than a paper-based alternative.

A Drawing Control Software solution like QDMS can save a great deal of time and money by reducing the amount of work that goes into revising, storing, finding, expediting and distribution of drawings. QDMS Drawing Control Software System helps ensure that each project recipient is working on the most up to date revision.

The drawing control process involves:

  • Setting-up a drawing register
  • Maintenance of all drawing revisions and linking them to the register
  • Circulation of drawings amongst internal and external project members
  • Record maintenance of each drawing and delivery

The QDMS drawing control software system features:

  • A master drawing register which records the latest drawing revisions
  • Transmittals and submittals with an audit trail
  • An automatically maintained drawing history for all drawing revisions
  • Automated identification of recipients for notification of drawing revisions
  • The ability to monitor the drawing review process

Benefits of a QDMS Drawing Control Software System include:

  • Improved productivity for document controllers compared to manual methods or use of spreadsheets
  • Higher productivity with the easy to use transmittal generation process
  • Ability to expedite the review of drawings
  • Reduced plan printing costs through the use of the drawing viewer
  • Improved record maintenance for all incoming and outgoing drawings
  • Reduced risk of working with superseded drawings
  • Reduced disputes occurring due to working with incorrect drawings

The QDMS Drawing Control Software System is a simple and effective solution to manage the vast amount of drawings associated with a project.

The QDMS Drawing Control Software System is a web-based drawing solution for larger projects, which has the added benefit of being accessible via the internet, thus giving the user unlimited access from anywhere.