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Drawing Control Workflow

Before any drawing can be issued for construction, it needs to go through a certain process –which is referred to as a drawing control workflow.

Normally, a drawing must be internally reviewed and signed-off before it can be distributed for approval. The approval process can involve various parties such as construction companies, consultants, sub-contractors, and external client. The revisions can be done in series - meaning that the drawing can only be reviewed by one engineer/authority at a time or in parallel - where it can be reviewed by several users simultaneously.

When the revisions have been completed, it is up to the review coordinator to decide whether to approve or reject the drawing. If it is rejected, the drawing is sent back to the originator, who then has to revise it and re-submit it for approval.

A drawing can be approved ‘with comments’, which allows construction to go ahead as per the comments on the drawing.

A simple and efficient way to manage the drawing control workflow is by using the QDMS Master Drawing Register.

QDMS allows users to generate transmittals, quicken the review process and distribute drawings among consultants and sub-contractors.

With the QDMS Master Drawing Register, project management staff can save time and reduce costs by the flexibility of working from different locations, fast drawing distribution and the choice to work in series or parallel reviews. Drawings are often approved much quicker and the design progress is expedited.

To conduct a smooth drawing control process, it is fundamental that:

  • All users involved in the project are aware of the project drawing control process
  • All documents are registered into the system, along with their approval status and any comments
  • Users can set workflows and access requirements to suit the current project – making the system easy to use and understand
  • The project drawing control system is fast and efficient.