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Drawing Register

A Drawing register acts as a central repository for all the incoming drawings in the system. It is very important to segregate the Latest Drawings from superseded drawings. A register of the latest drawings is referred to as the "Master Drawing Register". QDMS is a popular software system used to maintain a master drawing register and automatically archive superseded drawings for reference purposes. It also has a powerful and easy to use transmittal generation system that helps to distribute the latest drawings to consultants and sub-contractors.

Drawing register acts as a central repository for all the incoming drawings in the system. QDMS classifies drawings according to projects and disciplines in the drawing register distribution matrix.

Some of the benefits of drawing register are given below:

  • Time required to file and retrieve drawings is greatly reduced due to central drawing register.
  • Drawing register reduces storage space, as all the drawings are stored in the same place and not duplicated.
  • Drawing register in QDMS can also be used to take hardcopy of the required drawings.
  • Controlled access to drawings can be made possible through drawing register.
  • Distribute drawings from the drawing register – Print or Email with a single click.
  • Collaborate the drawings from drawing register across all the projects.
  • Drawing register provides administrator with all the information about the registered users and their activity on a particular date and time.
  • Drawing register automatically moves the superseded files to the QDMS document history file.
  • Drawings can also be scanned and included in drawing register. This is useful especially when working with large number of drawings.