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Drawing Review

In any document control process, drawing review and approval is a fundamental process which must be controlled efficiently.

Internet based drawing review allows users to simultaneously review and approve drawings from several locations as soon as they are distributed. This process can save time and costs normally associated with lengthy drawing review cycles.

With , drawing reviews can be conducted in series – where the drawing can only be reviewed by one user at a time, or in parallel – where the drawing can be reviewed by several users at the same time. Both workflows reduce delays in design reviews, thus expediting the overall design process.

Drawing reviews are usually conducted for reasons such as:

  • Client reviews
  • Significant structural reviews by discipline engineers
  • Drawing review for interface design
  • Conforming with councils and regulatory authorities standards and regulations
  • Reducing the duration and costs of construction
  • Compliance with Occupational Health and Safety
  • Review for Detail Drawings or Shop Drawings