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Drawing Transmittal

A Drawing Transmittal is a formal process used by Engineering and Construction Companies to transmit Drawings to other Engineers, Sub-contractors, Vendors and Fabricators. The sender of a Drawing Transmittal in QDMS may also provide a reason for sending the drawings, a special message and a date by which a response is required. Since a Drawing Transmittal is a contractual document, it is important to also request for an acknowledgement of the receipt of the drawings described in the drawing transmittal.

By using an effective Drawing Transmittal system it is possible to reduce mistakes associated with working with superseded drawings. This reduces costs and possible extensions of time on the project. QDMS is a very poular software package used to make the function of Drawing Transmittal very easy.

The QDMS drawing transmittal system is also capable of creating an email containing the transmittal in PDF format and all drawings are automatically zipped and attached to the email. The system also maintains a history of all drawing transmittals and when drawings are revised it automatically prompts you to send previous recipients the newly revised drawings.

Drawing Transmittal, a form of coversheet, is used to identify information being sent to a receiving party. Usually a coversheet, Drawing transmittal, includes the name, telephone/FAX number and address of the sending and receiving parties. The sender of Drawing Transmittal in QDMS may include a message or instructions. It is also important to include the names of other parties the information is being sent to on the drawing transmittal form.

Drawing transmittal system provides both immediate and long-term benefits. Costs and hassles of the physical document transmission are greatly reduced with the use drawing transmittal. Additionally, time is dramatically reduced from several days to instantaneous with drawing transmittal facility in QDMS.

Drawing Transmittal entails no added steps or paperwork. After the sender enters all of the required information in the transmittal form to be used for the QDMS drawing transmittal, the system encrypts the form and inserts it into document file. The document file is than converted to PDF format and zipped to create an drawing transmittal and sent.


  • Maintain a history of who has received what drawing at what revision.
  • Easy to search for transmittal history information sorted by recipient.
  • Easy to search fro transmittal history information sorted by document.
  • Transmittal delivery time is reduced due to Electronic Transmittal.
  • Easy to reprint and resend transmittals.
  • Automatically created audit trail useful if disputes arise.