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Latest Drawings

The most recent version of a drawing is referred to as latest drawing.

On any construction and engineering projects, drawings are often revised and updated. Consultants and sub-contractors must ensure that they work with the latest drawing to avoid mistakes caused by construction based on a superseded drawing.

Latest drawings should always be stored in a central repository for easy retrieval and efficient maintenance.

QDMS provides a simple and effective Master Drawing Register which maintains all latest drawings and records any revisions that are made to them in a separate history file. When a drawing is entered into the master drawing register, it automatically displays the latest drawing, which is sorted according to the drawing number.

QDMS enables users to control the access to all the latest drawings.

The advantages of a master drawing register include
  • Confidence that it will only hold the latest drawings
  • Easily accessible by all project staff
  • Decreased storage space due to less duplication
  • Any drawing can be printed or emailed directly from the master drawing register
  • Simple distribution of latest drawings
  • Recorded details of all drawings