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QMS System Purpose: Handling large volumes of data and enabling effective management of change

QMS is a fully integrated system for the management of all phases of the material management process in a project environment. Tracking commences from the Material Take-off (Bill of Materials) and continues through generating requisitions/inquiries, purchase orders and then moving to site, though deliveries (receipts), movements and the issuing of materials.

The purpose of QMS in regard to materials management can be summarized as follows:

  • Management of changes to the bill of materials.
  • Automatic generation of inquiries and purchase orders for materials.
  • Management of the impact of a changing bill of materials on material orders.
  • Management of expediting of materials.
  • Control of material deliveries.
  • Management of material shortages both on fabrication and construction.
  • Control of material issues and movements.
  • Inventory/Stock control management.
  • Management of material traceability.
  • Progress monitoring.