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QMS: Rapid and accurate recording of Material Deliveries

Recording the delivery of material from suppliers is a crucial function of the QMS system since this process allocates the material received into stock at the location receiving the material.

There are a number of other areas of the QMS system that also rely on the recording of material deliveries:

  • Comparison of purchased versus delivered quantities
  • Calculation of outstanding quantities for expediting
  • Forecast delivery date
  • Warning of over supplied items
  • Accounts reconciliation by generation of priced delivery dockets

QMS provides two options for the rapid and accurate recording of material deliveries:

  • Direct entry of partial or completed deliveries against purchase order line items via the Delivery Wizard. Progressive deliveries are supported.
  • Entry against an "unknown" order with the facility to later assign an order to the delivery when this information becomes known.

QMS also features additional functionality in the area of material deliveries by recording heat numbers of delivered material if required for traceability purposes.