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QMS: Tracking the movement of materials

Once material from suppliers has been delivered to one or more locations, and recorded as such, the material can then be transferred to another location using a "Movement Docket". Typically, Movement Dockets are used to record the movement of material from:

  • A warehouse to another warehouse
  • A warehouse to a fabrication shop or site
  • A fabrication shop or site to a warehouse (returns)

A movement docket records both the dispatch details and also the acceptance of the material by the receiving location. Movement dockets are created by direct data entry, or automatically when accompanying a Material Issue.

A movement docket does not effect the total quantity of material "in stock" for a project, only the quantity of material currently "in stock" at any one location. I.e. movement dockets are used for material transfers (both outwards and returns) rather than for recording material deliveries from suppliers, or material issues to site of fabrication shops.