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QMS: Utilising powerful features to automatically generate issue of materials

An issue of materials is the means by which materials received are finally allocated against drawings in the Bill of Materials. Typically, an issue of materials is generated in the following circumstances:

  • Material is required on the fabrication shop floor at a workshop location
  • Material is required for installation in the field at a site location

An "issue" of material depletes the TOTAL stock available (the totals of "in Stock" at all locations) on a project. A material issue is generally accompanied by a movement docket.

QMS includes some powerful features for automatically generating issues of materials and the associated paperwork required. Since material issues are always made against documents/drawings in the BOM, QMS can, with a few keystrokes, automatically calculate the material required for a particular work package, plant area, etc, and generate not only the material issue but also the associated movement docket.