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project management and document collaboration



QDMS, standardised handling of documents on all projects

Drawing Management systems such as QDMS provide:
  • A central easily accessible master drawing register that records the latest revision of all documents in the drawing management system.
  • As drawings are revised, the superseded versions are automatically archived to the drawing management history file, thereby maintaining an audit trail.
  • All drawings, specifications, procedures, project plans …etc can now be easily found through a single access point.
  • A powerful transmittal engine to simplify the distribution of drawings and ensure that an audit trail of transmittals is maintained by the drawing management system.

Implementation of the QDMS drawing management system results in the following benefits:

  • Drawings do not go missing and can be easily located within the drawing management system.
  • Drawings can be cross-filed by different groupings. For example: by discipline, by area, by work package … etc.
  • There can be no confusion on whether the latest version of drawings have been distributed to the required people.
  • The drawing management system can be used for legal purposes to establish who was sent what and when
  • The system has in-built security to ensure that users can be restricted in what they can do in the system and that only authorised users can update the drawing management system.

QDMS Drawing Management Testimonials

“The software is great.  One of the best features is the transmittal tracker – no one can deny they have received a document when you can show them a signed copy of their transmittal.”

Chantal Chabonneau
Document Control
Vermilion Oil and Gas Australia

"QDMS is an effective electronic filing cabinet that interfaces easily with our computer network."

Hilton Marsh
Document Controller
R J Robbins & Associates


“AGR Field Operations, Asia Pacific use QDMS Solutions’s QDMS to control revisions and statuses of all of our corporate, site operations, pre-project and project (including supplier) documentation. With the help of QDMS Solutions, we have been able to synchronise QDMS with our Intranet/Extranet application (Microsoft SharePoint) to ensure that the documents and all relevant controlled metadata are available to internal and external personnel, according to user permission levels – making controlled documents easy for all Intranet/Extranet users to search for. QDMS provides the critical function of maintaining traceability of each document as it goes through revision and status changes and of controlling the distribution of all documentation in an auditable process. We have found QDMS Solutions staff to be friendly, helpful and accommodating of our need for timely turnaround of all issues. QDMS is extremely cost-effective and functional for engineering, operations and corporate projects.”

Kate Leihy
IMS Manager
AGR Field Operations


"So many of the excellent QDMS features, particularly the Document History, filtering and reporting, have been utilised countless times to give our Project Managers the necessary information to save valuable time & therefore expedite the actual construction process on sites."

Marianne Brooker
Document Controller
Lahey Constructions


"QDMS has assisted the seamless management of document transmittal from our clients to numerous subcontractors, minimising paperwork and ensuring all parties are working from latest documentation."

Steve Bellows
Commercial Manager
JA Dodd Ltd
A subsidiary of Watpac Ltd


“QDMS has been a very useful tool for us to manage our Project Documentation. We have several thousand documents to be controlled and distributed to global manufacturing partners. Each document package may vary but QDMS enables us to sort and transmit our documents as required. QDMS gives us a full history of what documents have been sent to which partner, so re-issue after document revision is easily managed. The customisable Document Transmittal completes the task for us in a professional manner. QDMS has proven over many years to be the ideal tool for our document management.”

Gordon Allison
Engineering Manager
Schneider Electric


"QDMS has played a vital role in Rudds Consulting Engineers becoming a quality endorsed company because of the ability to be able to keep track of documents and their history. Being able to produce document registers compatible with spreadsheets greatly assists in forward planning of projects and therefore increases productivity."

Emma McNeill
Senior Electrical Draftsperson
Rudds Consulting Engineers Pty Ltd


"Our Project Managers find it very convenient to be able to get what they need when they need it through QDMS by the direct linking to documents."

Haylee Smith
Assistant Document Controller
FL Smidth Krebs Australia Pty Ltd