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project management and document collaboration



QDMS: Master Drawing Register to maintain and record historical revisions

It is essential that all documents are registered into the QDMS Master Drawing Register (MDR).
The MDR maintains the latest revision of all documents and automatically archives superseded documents to a document history. QDMS thereby ensures that the latest revisions are separated from superseded revisions.
The required elements of a document in QDMS are:

  • Document Number
  • Revision
  • Status
  • Title

QDMS also allows the user to record additional information required such as the name of the company, the transmittal received number, the date received, the discipline, and the document type. Other possible information in theo QDMS Master Document Register include zones, packages, categories and WBS codes.
The simple layout of the QDMS Master Drawing Register allows users to view all the latest documents, making them easier to locate and avoids incorrect filing. Users can also customise the layout on a per project basis.