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Correspondence Tracking Software

Office correspondence is crucial to day-to-day operations at any business or government entity. Of course, with today's computers, that correspondence is often very difficult to tame, track, and secure, so it becomes easy to gamble on finding and keeping hold of all the paper. With QDMS's state-of-the-art correspondence tracking system, you can turn the odds in your favor. QDMS includes everything you need to win the correspondence tracking game.

QDMS allows users to create an electronic audit of project’s correspondence management process. And, because it is designed to follow a document through it's entire workflow life-cycle, it's easy to keep track of modified, transported, reviewed, or filed data. With the capability to track an unlimited number of documents, and be used by multiple users, QDMS is the perfect solution for projects of all sizes.

A few of QDMS’s most exciting features include:

  • Scanning of document images, and subsequent association with document control slips.
  • Ability to send notification of changes and assignments to other involved users via E-mail.
  • Capability for users to create and assign tasks in response to the correspondence.
  • Multi-user capability allows users to view, track, and manage correspondence.

QDMS has taken document / correspondence tracking one step further by including document scanning and E-mail functions, allowing users to better manage all their correspondence. Keeping track of external documents, and adequately communicating changes, and assignments to all the appropriate users has long been a document management nightmare. With QDMS, QDMS Solutions has made things easy.

Scanning function allows scanned correspondence to be stored electronically. All scanned correspondence can be associated with a Document Control Number. One click of the "Image" button allows users to view existing scanned in documents and attach new scanned documents. E-mail notification function allows every pertinent user to be notified, via E-mail, of new correspondence, changes, or assignments relating to that document.

QTRAK allows users to easily manage not only internally created documents, but also those that enter the office from external sources, all from a simple menu interface. With just a few clicks of the mouse, users can take advantage of the full power of QTRAK. Tracking documents by numerous criteria, including document category, assignment date, and originating source becomes handy.

An easily accessible Reviewer tracks the history and location of each document at every point in its lifecycle; automatically dates and time stamps updates; and prepares the correspondence for the next scheduled activity.

Users can view and print the correspondence's entire routing history by selecting the document's Control Number.

These are just several benefits that you may achieve from implementing QDMS’s correspondence tracking in your environment. Since there are several file management and tracking packages available, it is always a good ideal to make sure you've determine your correspondence requirements before you choose your solution.