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Drawing Submittal

A Drawing submittal system is the means by which drawings are submitted to the client, consultants and sub-contractors. The two primary elements of Drawing submittal are:

Drawing List of the Drawing submittal:

The system needs to enable the user to quickly select the drawings that need to be sent out as part of the Drawing Submittal. A very popular system for doing this is QDMS.

Mailing List for the Drawining Submittal:

This is list of consultants or sub-contractors who are to receive the drawing submittal.

QDMS also allows the user to send standard messages or enter a special message to indicate the reason for sending the Drawing Submittal.

QDMS keeps a track of the drawings and their recipients. Then if some of these drawings are revised at a later date, QDMS is capable of automatically prompting you to send a new drawing submittal with the revised drawings

The use of a good drawing submittal system like QDMS will ensure that consultants and sub-contractors are kept updated with the latest drawings. This is an important project managemnt tool for avoiding cost over-runs that result from working with superseded drawings.

Drawing submittal system is the means by which the flow of documents out of the office to the client, consultants and other involved parties, is controlled. The two primary elements of Drawing submittal function are:

Drawing List in Drawing submittal system:

Drawing submittal System has facilities to maintain a complete history of revision drawings, identify external drawings by source, and enter the percentage completion of a drawing. Sub-sets of the main drawing list may be defined for easier retrieval at the time of Drawing submittal generation in QDMS.

Mailing List:

A list of consultants must be identified based on the discipline they provide for a particular project. This list is fundamental to the Drawing submittal process.

Generation of a Drawing submittal in QDMS is a simple process of selecting a combination of the two major elements to provide a comprehensive matrix style Drawing submittal Form. The system maintains a full history of who received what revision of which drawing and when, taking the drudgery out later information retrieval.

QDMS also tracks drawings; automatically creating a drawing submittal set that includes the drawing and a detailed report of all its related files. You can also add custom notes to the report. The drawing submittal set can then be posted to your intranet or extranet, or a copy of it sent as an e-mail attachment (with the original submittal set saved in your project directory).

These are just several benefits that you may achieve from implementing drawing submittal system in your environment. Since there are several drawing submittal packages available, it is always a good ideal to make sure you've determine your drawing control requirements before you choose your drawing submittal solution.