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Project Correspondence Software

Projects generate vast amounts of correspondence that needs to be controlled, from site instructions, architect’s advice, and contracts to e-mails, transmittals, design specifications and marketing materials. Imagine how many filing cabinets you would need to store all of the information on your projects, in your company's network, or even within your own e-mail inbox.

Effective and Secure project correspondence management is vital to success. Properly managed project correspondence can be made accountable for the success of any business. And the right information at the fingertips of the right person can make the difference in a timely response to the opportunity of a lifetime.

With QDMS all project correspondence can be fully managed electronically. Letters, faxes, memos or other contractual paper-based forms can be individually tailored for the organisation. QDMS delivers 100% correct printouts of all the project correspondences.

Company Information can easily be integrated in all types of project correspondence-related documents. Processes can be linked automatically to project correspondence management so that, for example, documents and forms, which are being used in a workflow, are automatically sent out as fax or pdf attachment. Incoming correspondence is supported as well as outgoing correspondence.

All incoming correspondence in QDMS can be scanned and key words can be assigned or they can be linked to a workflow or distribution process. For email correspondence QDMS offers eCorrepondence. Incoming emails with/without attachments can be structured and distributed in the same way.

Full text research for file attachments to all common formats is also supported. Outgoing project correspondence is maintained automatically by QDMS and can be printed out or sent via fax or email attachment.

MS Word forms are supported and linked to QDMS project correspondence management document properties.