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QMS: A proven application developer for the construction industry

QDMS Solutions has been a proven application developer for the construction industry since 1995. With in-depth knowledge of the materials management issues on large and complex resource projects and more than 35 years combined experience amongst our staff of actually working in the resource engineering industry, QDMS Solutions have been well placed to develop what is now perhaps the most advanced materials management system for projects on the market.

The QMS Materials management system was first developed as a Dos based program in the early 1990’s to manage the purchase and fabrication of bulk piping on a number of oil and gas projects in Australia. With the increasing fast tracking of this type of project, the ability to be able to quickly identify the impact of revisions to a bill of materials against materials ordered, provided major cost savings by being able to adjust order quantities at the earliest possible time. With fabrication of spooling often taking place in multiple work shops, being able to manage shortages and analyze what could be fabricated with limited materials reduced double handling and minimized variations with these subcontracts.

Continuous development over a two year period followed the initial release with modules added for welder traceability, progress monitoring, and managing material substitutions.

In the mid 1990s the QMS system was re-written for Windows 95, greatly improving the user friendliness of the system. The System has since been used on a number of large resource projects both in Australia and overseas providing real value in terms of both time and cost savings.